How I Am Different

I have learned that clients want someone they can trust, as well as someone who respects them as real people with real dreams. They also want someone who will listen, while guiding them along their way. These four core concepts set me apart from other advisors.

Adhere to a Fiduciary Standard

Being an independent fee-only advisor, I am legally required to act as a fiduciary for my clients. This means that I must put my clients interests first and put my clients interests ahead of my own. In contrast, a broker is working for their firm, not their client.

Goal-Oriented Financial Planning

Investments should be one part of a comprehensive financial plan. Investment decisions should be based on your specific needs and goals, not on a guess of what will happen tomorrow in the stock market.

Helping Clients with Their Vision of the Future

I begin with a series of questions to help my clients paint a clear picture of their future and how they would like to see that future unfold. As their future unfolds, we revisit the picture and make any changes necessary to keep pace with where they are in life.

A Structured Approach to Planning

Your plan is maintained through regular review of your portfolio, your goals and your progress towards accomplishing those goals. Creating an Investment Policy Statement helps you stay focused on your long-term plan rather than chasing short-term market trends.